3 Great Atlanta Birthing Centers to Guide Your Through Labor!

Being pregnant is such a magical and memorable moment in your life. While you haven’t even met your baby yet, you obviously want nothing but the best care for them. When it comes to giving birth, it can be scary, but it is seriously such a special moment. However, since they are more personal, Atlanta birthing centers have become much more popular than hospital births. Most centers give you the feeling of being at home. I absolutely wish I could have had this option with my kids and their births!

When choosing a birthing center in Atlanta, it’s essential to find one you trust to guide you through the process. To take some of the pressure off of you, I asked my most trusted clients, who have come to me for years, and my friends, who they turned to during this time. So, take a peek at the top 3 Atlanta birthing centers trusted by local moms!

3 Atlanta Birthing Centers That Local Moms Love!

Atlanta Birth Center

When looking for a more holistic approach to childbirth, Atlanta Birth Center hits the head on the nail. They provide you with the perfect nurturing environment. You can expect to feel safe, comfortable, and respected during your birth. This birthing center gives you the comfort of being at home. With their personalized birthing rooms, you can always feel comfy and cozy!

Northside Baby Delivery

If you’re looking for a birthing center that makes you feel safe and comfortable and always ensures you have whatever you need, this is the place for you! The staff here consists of every kind of labor and delivery doctor or nurse you could need. No matter your needs and requests, they will ensure you are 100% satisfied. Personally, my best friend has worked in labor and delivery here for over 10 years, and she absolutely loves working there. Before working as a Registered Nurse for over 15 years, she worked in a pediatrician’s office. I trust her when she says their delivery and experience are excellent.

The Atlanta Doulas

While this option is more of a twist on birthing centers, it’s one of the top-rated Atlanta birthing centers. The team of doulas here is fantastic and constantly checks in on you to see how you’re feeling, if you need anything, etc. If you’re looking for more personalized care and having the choice of where you want to have your little miracle, this is the place for you!

Mom in a white shirt holding her newborn to her nose while wrapped in a blue swaddle after giving birth at Atlanta birthing centers

Atlanta Birthing Centers Help Us Give the Best to Our Babies!

We all want what is best for us and our babies, and you are doing fantastic at making this your next step! I personally had my children in hospitals just due to different situations with each pregnancy. If I could have chosen, I would have had a birthing center or at home. I feel it is much more relaxed for moms, and we know that if moms are relaxed, babies are too. 

So, if you are on the fence about it, I hope that getting advice from my clients and friends who have had this experience with delivery helps you make your decision. Best of luck, Mommas, and I can’t wait to see your babies for their newborn sessions. If you’re still looking for a photographer for your newborn, I would love to be considered and add you and your family to my client family. Let’s chat!