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5 Fantastic Atlanta Pediatricians for Your Child’s Health Care!

5 Atlanta Pediatricians to Take Care of Your Little One

Whether you’re about to have a child or have just relocated to this area, it’s essential to find the best Atlanta pediatricians for your kids. These five Atlanta pediatricians are at the top of their field and have been recognized by both patients and other medical professionals. So if you’re looking for someone who specializes in treating children, these are your best bets!

Intown Pediatric Group

One of the most well-known pediatric practices in Atlanta, Intown Pediatric Group, is led by Dr. Deneta H. Sells who has been voted Best Pediatrician numerous times. The staff at Intown Pediatrics includes over eight pediatric providers who work to provide a comprehensive and informative experience for each patient.

Centre Spring MD

Centre Spring MD was created by Dr. Taz Bhatia, who is board-certified in integrative medicine. Dr. Bhatia provides her patients with the best medical care possible, combining holistic and functional medicinal practices to create an integrative approach that works with each specific patient. This clinic works hard to develop personalized treatment plans and identify the root causes of health issues instead of only focusing on the symptoms.

One Family Peditrician

One Family Pediatrician was created by Dr. Hiral Lavania, one of Atlanta’s best pediatricians. Her practice focuses on providing high-quality care to her patients and educating them about their health so they can lead healthier lives as adults. In addition, she provides tons of resources for new parents on a range of topics to provide the best tips and advice on how to take care of your little ones.

Peachtree Park Pediatrics

Peachtree Park Pediatrics has been around for more than 70 years, taking its rank as one of the oldest pediatric practices in Atlanta. They focus their practice on giving kids “the best medicine” by providing age-appropriate treatment plans to help children stay as healthy as possible throughout all stages of life.

Old 4th Ward Pediatrics

Old Fourth Ward Pediatrics provides pediatric care for infants all the way to the age of 21, providing lifelong support and care, along with personalized treatment plans. Their practice is committed to providing care that works for each patient, putting them at the center of everything they do instead of a one-solution-fits-all approach.

How Do I Choose The Right Atlanta Pediatrician?

If you’re still stumped on which of the top Atlanta pediatricians to choose from, consider these tips to help you narrow down your options!
• Location: Is the location of the clinic convenient for you? Make sure that the area is close enough to your home or job before scheduling an appointment.
• Reviews: Do they come recommended by family, friends, or trusted medical professionals you already use? Have you looked into online reviews from other patients? Understanding the experience of others can help narrow down your next pediatrician.
• Services Provided: What services does the doctor provide or refer out of their practice? Can they administer vaccinations, diagnose illnesses, or cater to a specific medical need your child may have?

I sure hope that this blog helps you!

With the help of these tips, you should now have a good idea as to which Atlanta pediatrician is right for you! Whether they specialize in newborns or adolescents, all five provide excellent care and are well-known as the top Atlanta pediatricians. Make sure to click on the links above to take you to their websites to find out more information. This is one of our most important choices as Moms, so hopefully, this helps you!

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