4 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Atlanta Georgia!

Things to do with kids in Atlanta Georgia! 

Are you traveling to Atlanta and want to make it a fun-filled trip for you and your family? Are you an Atlanta resident looking for something new and fun to do? I have just the thing for you! Atlanta is filled with so many different things to do for families who have kids of different ages. Keeping all your kids happy can be tricky I know. Depending on the age differences, one kid will be unhappy while the other is completely thrilled. So here are my ideas of fun things to do with kids in Atlanta Georgia.

Whether you’re looking for something educational, something to get you moving, or just something simple to help you and your family bond, these are the top things to do with kids in Atlanta, Georgia!

Top 4 things to do with kids in Atlanta Georgia:

  1. Georgia Aquarium

Did you know that Atlanta homes the world’s largest aquarium? Take a day and see and learn about some of the world’s largest and most unique animals. This is a great way for you and your kids to learn something new! While visiting you can more than likely see some animals you’d never thought you’d see up close in your life.

This is a great thing to do no matter what ages your little ones are! The older kids can spend time exploring the different sanctuaries, while the little ones can sit on dad’s shoulders pretending to hug the cute stingrays!

If you’re looking to experience something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, this is the thing for you! Get ready to experience puppets like never before. Catch a show of your favorite characters, sign up for a workshop, check out the various exhibitions while you’re there. You can even register for one of the events and spend the day watching your kids smile from ear to ear while you feel like a kid yourself! This is fan-favorite for families who live in the area or are visiting the area with their little ones.

Is your little one a huge LEGO fan? Then you need to give them the ultimate experience at the Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta! Spend the day meeting LEGO characters, watching a LEGO show, or riding their indoor rides for kids! This is sure to make your kid’s day (probably their entire year), and it’s a great way to give them the experience of a lifetime. If your kid is a LEGO lover, this should be the first stop on your list!

Give your kids the coolest experience of trying all 64 of Coca-Cola’s famous flavors! This is the only place in the world where you can explore the story of Coca-Cola. Seeing where the world’s best-selling beverage brand got its start and how it become so popular, is definitely something memorable. Spend the day learning about their history and end it by tasting their most popular flavors. This is a one-of-a-kind museum you need to check out if you’re ever in Atlanta, Georgia!

things to do with kids in atlanta georgia

family having fun walking in atlanta georgia

I hope that you find these fun things to do in atlanta georgia with your kids helpful, and as always I’d love to be your photographer for any event in your family’s life, contact me here to find out more info.