atlanta baby shower venues

Top 7 Atlanta Baby Shower Venues for Your Celebration!

Choosing the perfect baby shower venue can be difficult. There are many factors that come into play, such as the size of the event, food options, or the cost of the location. Some places are perfect for small intimate baby showers but lack sufficient space to host a larger party. Other areas may be able to accommodate everyone’s needs with room to spare! In this article, I’ll cover the top Atlanta baby shower venues you should consider for your next party!

7 Atlanta Baby Shower Venues for Your Dream Celebration

atlanta baby shower venues

Top 7 Baby Shower Venues by Your Atlanta Maternity and Newborn Photographer

1. SkyLounge

SkyLounge is a gorgeous and upscale rooftop lounge that offers a unique experience to all of its guests. Located at the top of the historic Glenn Hotel, SkyLounge is perfect for baby showers and other social gatherings! Their chic decor provides effortless photo ops during your baby shower, with cozy seating available for everyone to enjoy themselves. Plus, the views from up above are second to none and provide fantastic views of the city.

One important detail about SkyLounge is that they have an onsite chef who can prepare different types of cuisine options for you depending on how many people are attending the event and how fancy you want it to be! You can do anything from buffet style to passed hors d’oeuvres, depending on your preference!

2. Serenbe

If you’re looking for a classy but rustic spot to celebrate your new baby, you’ll want to check out Serenbe. Serenbe is a multi-functional space that offers both restaurants and a historic inn with all of the amenities you need for your Atlanta baby shower. What makes Serenbe stand out from other locations is its location away from city life, as it’s set in a more rural setting with the gorgeous countryside in view.

It’s important to note that though they have many great options, Serenbe does not have an onsite caterer, so if you want food during your party, you’ll need to bring it yourself or hire someone else to handle this responsibility for you.


3. Atlantic Botanical Garden

If you’ve been dreaming of a garden-themed baby shower, Atlanta Botanical Garden is the place to do it! This Atlanta baby shower venue provides tons of spaces for your events, such as its rose garden, day hall, Robinson pavilion, garden house, Japanese garden, and more!

Atlantic’s beautiful property allows guests plenty of room to explore and take in all that Mother Nature has created. The lush greenery will set the perfect scene for any rustic-themed baby shower, with its stone paths and ponds providing picturesque backdrops at every turn.

There are many different options when it comes down to choosing what kind of food and drinks you want to be included during your party as well. You can either provide catering yourself or opt out and let them handle everything instead – whatever fits best into your budget!

4. Swan Coach House

One of the most popular Atlanta baby shower venues is the Swan Coach House. Located on the Atlanta History Center grounds, this venue provides plenty of room to celebrate your new baby! The Swan Coach House is an old Victorian home that has been converted into an event space, gift shop, restaurant, and art gallery.

The house itself can accommodate up to 120 guests with its elegant interior and large outdoor garden area as well! The Swan Coach House offers catering through their onsite restaurant, allowing you the ability to customize the menu to fit whatever type of food you want to serve at your baby shower.

One thing I love about this Atlanta baby shower venue is how much green space there is surrounding the building – perfect for taking pictures during your baby shower without having people bumping elbows everywhere they go. Plus, many rooms are available for different parts of the baby shower, allowing you to choose the best area depending on your size and needs.

5. Ginger Room

The Ginger Room juice, coffee, and tea house is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The Ginger Room was initially built in 1856 and offers a unique, charming atmosphere. It’s perfect for hosting baby showers since you can rent out their whole space! They have a first-floor room complete with couches and chairs that are great for gift opening or lounging around during your party.

You can either choose to buy out the entire venue, which would include access to the Walbrook room, gallery, parlor, and cafe, or you can rent out a section of the space. The best part is that you can have a high tea party with all of your guests, enjoying great food and delicious tea blends. Of course, if you’re not big into tea, you can customize the experience to include delicious desserts, sandwiches, quiche, charcuterie boards, coffee, or juices.

6. Tupelo Honey Cafe

If you’re a lover of southern food, Tupelo Honey Cafe is the venue for your Atlanta baby shower! This organic restaurant located in Atlanta offers delicious plates perfect for sharing. They provide catering as well, so if you want them to handle all of the food and drinks for your event, they can do that.

Tupelo’s menu includes everything from sweet potato pancakes with bourbon butter sauce or eggs benedict on homemade biscuits served with applewood smoked bacon. Plus, depending on the time of the year, you’ll be able to enjoy seasonal dishes for your event!

7. Ventanas

Ventanas offers gorgeous views of the Atlanta skyline, offering both glamor and elegance for your Atlanta baby shower. This event space has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city and is perfect for parties of up to 80 guests!

Ventanas offers catering through its onsite restaurant, so you can get whatever kind of food works best with your parties, such as southern-inspired fare or Mediterranean dishes. Either way, Ventanas will make sure your event is well-catered and professional!

Atlanta Baby Shower Venues

You’re going to love your baby shower in Atlanta! There are so many great Atlanta baby shower venues and options when it comes down to choosing a location. No matter what kind of food, drinks, or atmosphere you want for your party – there’s something perfect waiting just around the corner at one of these fantastic locations.

If you’re looking to plan the perfect Atlanta baby shower, don’t forget about hiring a photographer to capture precious memories of your event. I’d love to help capture the magic of your special day. Feel free to check out my portfolio or reach out to me today!