Twin Bathtub Milestone Session – Bathtub Fun!

Bathtub Milestone Session

Bathtub Milestone Session are SO much fun! I just cannot even with this cuteness you guys!


This was so very exciting about having a twin milestone session. I love milestone sessions anyways, but this was double the fun. Bathtub Milestones are probably my top favorite milestones that I do aside from 1 year! 


For Milestone sessions, especially bathtub milestone session(s) my little clients get to come to my studio and do all the things, that are fun-but that as Moms we probably don’t let them do. Like splash in the tub and throw our food 😉 So they get to do all these fun things in the studio, and I love that!

Some of my Moms come to me when they inquire already with ideas they want for their milestone, especially the bathtub ones. So when Mom mentioned lemons and headpieces I was in absolute heaven! Milestone sessions are always so fun, and there are many things that we can do, and you can find out more info here!

milkbath milestone session

Then she mentions their twins, and for a photographer that is just like having icing on your cake, because let’s be real it is double the fun! I mean a bathtub milestone session is always such a blast, but with twins!! I knew it was sure to be such a fun time!

baby milestone photographer in atlanta bathtub session

We definitely splish and splashed a lot during our session, that’s the best part! I’d love to plan the perfect custom bathtub milestone session for you and your little one. Head on over here, and lets create a custom session for your little one!


Thanks to Denny’s for the wonderful tub that I always use!