When should you book your Newborn Session? My top 2 Questions from clients answered!

When should you book your newborn session?

When should you book your newborn session?

newborn boy posed in blue for his baby session

When should you book your newborn session? That questions actually simple. Baby’s are unpredictable right? Whether they are already here, or we’re waiting for them to arrive, we never really know. That’s why it is never, ever too early to book your newborn session. I have clients who tell me they’re pregnant and book before they even tell family! I know not everyone’s circumstances can allow this, but it’s just an example of how I can book up months and months in advance. The ideal time to have your session is the first 2 weeks after birthday.

When should you book your newborn session?

That is probably one of the first few things you think about when you find out your’re pregnant. You know you want to document that time and that there is a lot of planning that goes into preparing a newborn session. However, luckily for my clients, I take care of all of the planning I buy and provide the props for all of my sessions, especially newborn sessions. A lot of the time and sometimes those props need to be made and can take time.

There is lots of planning I do behind the scenes to make sure the overall design of your session makes a pleasing color balance. This makes sure everything will flow beautifully in any of your artwork that you choose. Take a look at some of my sessions here

Sometimes life gets away from us and before we know it we’re months or weeks, or even the baby is already here and you think – “ah, I forgot to book a newborn session!!” No worries!! I always keep some availability open each month at my newborn studio in case this does happen.

Here is some more info you might be wondering that I tell all my newborn clients when they book!

posed baby on white newborn fabric

What if my baby comes early and we’ve already booked?

That is totally okay! I am flexible for newborn sessions since it can be unpredictable when a baby is coming!

Once you book your session you’ll keep me updated on your visits to the Doctor, and the progression in your last few weeks. I always plan for early or late babies. So it is absolutely okay if your baby comes early or things change with your due date

Once I’ve booked and my baby is here, when do we have our session?
That depends on a few things! The first 2 weeks are ideal for posing, but sometimes it does work out after the 2 weeks. I tell my clients once they let me know their baby is here! They then let me know again when they get home and from then we schedule their actual session date. 

When should you book your newborn session? Now that you know the answer and when should you book your newborn session, I would truly be honored to be your newborn photographer. Please reach out and let’s get to planning your perfect session for you and your growing family!