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What to Wear for Your Maternity Photoshoot | Your #1 Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is full of joy, excitement and wonder — the one thing you will not have to wonder about is what to wear for your Maternity Photoshoot! This is all part of the experience I provide for all my Mommas to Be!

Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

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Luxury Tailored Maternity Experience with CJC Photography

As your professional photographer, and a Mom of 4 myself, I know what works for Maternity clients and what does not. I know exactly what it is like to put on something and think, blah. I mean, towards the end we only have so much to fit as it is, right!?

Maternity Gowns can be expensive, I know for myself I bought an expensive dress, and it still sits in my closet. So, one day I thought, why don’t I just provide these for my clients? One less thing they have to stress and worry about. You do not even have to worry about what the rest of the family will wear if you choose for them to be in your photos because I have a guide all ready to give my clients to help. A lot of my clients send me pictures of what they already have, and we make it work – no need to go shopping!

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maternity photoshoot

You should feel as beautiful as you are

especially during your Maternity Photoshoot. From the moment you walk in all my clients feel like Rockstars, the day is all about them! From Hair and Makeup, to trying on the perfect dress we have picked out, you will no doubt feel like a celebrity. I will make sure that you feel encouraged, empowered, confident and bold through out your whole shoot. I will pose you the whole way, you do not have to worry about what pose to do, I will show you, help you and make it effortless.

We will carefully pick the best dress to flatter you, pick the best type of Maternity Photoshoot for you, and your family! Some clients to choose just to highlight themselves during this time, and I LOVE that-and quite frankly you should Mama! And occasionally clients like for their families to come into their session as well, and that is okay too!

Playing Dress-up

One thing I love about a maternity photoshoot is that I know what it’s like to carry these precious gifts, it truly is a wonder, and a blessing from God. I love that I get to support other Moms in their journey, and more so celebrate it in one of my favorite ways-with photos.

You know how growing up as a little girl, you played dress up and put on pretend makeup? That’s kinda what Maternity Photoshoot s are all about, it’s like grown up dress up–SO much fun!