smiling infant boy on blue rug

Simplistic Baby Boys Session | Newborn Photographer Atlanta

smiling infant boy on blue rug

Newborn Photographer Atlanta –  I am really adoring these simple newborn sessions, they really just focus on the baby. I feel like their sweet personalities really come out in these sessions. There really is so much we can do to keep them simple yet give them style, like adding this small fluffer rug underneath him added that perfect pop of color!
The wonderful fluffer rug comes from: Aleks Messier

baby boy posed with arms back on white blanket


I was so excited when he let me do this pose, to me for a boy to do this pose is just so stinking cute! They look like such little men sometimes, it’s just adorable!

tiny baby boy posed in blue

Atlanta Baby Photographer CJC Photography

This I think is my fav color blue so I was so glad when Mom chose it! I will be honest, I have used the color blue for girls to-just as pretty!! But we kept with a super simple design with small pops of color for his session and he was such an angel for his session.