Newnan Milestone Photographer | We have tons of fun during our milestone sessions, just look!

Oh Man! We have so much fun with me as your newnan milestone photographer. Many families choose to have their baby photographed at all the ‘first’ times during their first year. Milestones are always a super fun one!


baby milk bath watermelon

6 month milestones are the most popular, so I am going to focus on those sessions for this blog. 

There are so many options for milestone sessions! Bathtub milestone sessions are a favorite, and super popular. We tend to use fruits or foods that your child likes, flowers for girls and there are many other options we can use!

Newnan Milestone Photographer

You can see more info on Milestones on my page here, and over on the blog!

newnan milestone photographer

Clothing and Props

Their little cheeks have filled out so much, they are so expressional with their faces! Now we get to see their smiles, not to mention they are full on laughing now! They react to all of the things around them and that always makes for a fun session. 

Sometimes it is great to just focus on the milestones they are working on! There are so many milestones to have learned in those first few months. They learn to sit up, or are learning to, can look up when on their belly, and even copy us. Whatever milestone they have reached, let’s celebrate it!

I do tend to keep milestones very simple, just the baby, a few toys they will have fun with. I will have a nice outfit that will compliment them and their session. We will also have tons of silly noises from us behind the scenes. Not to mention all the silly cocomelon songs we’ll sing to get their attention!

baby blue milestone session

As Your newnan milestone photographer trust that I will design your whole session, worry free for you!

Clothing options are also fun to choose to go with the session, and my client closet is always growing for milestone sessions. Some clients have outfits they want used and have them already or want to purchase them for the session and that is absolutely okay also. We’ll work closely together to make sure the whole session all matches smoothly. But I love being able to offer complimentary all the props and outfits are included in my milestone sessions, just come and have fun!
Let’s plan your little ones milestones, reach out and let me be your newnan milestone photographer!