newborn pictures in atlanta

Newborn Pictures in Atlanta | 5 Reasons why they are worth the investment!

Newborn Pictures in Atlanta

Should I Invest In Newborn Pictures?

As your Photographer for Newborn Pictures in Atlanta, one of the most common questions I’m asked as a photographer is if newborn pictures are worth the investment. I may be a little biased, but they are one of my favorite photography sessions that continues to grow in popularity each year.

newborn pictures in atlanta

While we already take the time to photograph important events in our child’s life, like holidays and birthdays, we sometimes forget a really precious milestone: the newborn phase. Here are a few reasons why investing in newborn pictures and photography is so important.


  1. Capture An Irreplaceable Time In Life

Newborn pictures are an incredible way to capture an important time in your baby’s life by having their pictures taken. Your newborn will change so much in the first few weeks. What your baby looks like when it’s firstborn will be dramatically different than how they look a few months or even weeks later.

I can’t tell you how many Moms get their images back a few weeks later and message me saying that they can’t believe how much their baby has already changed. It makes them so glad that they have done their newborns photos, even more so than before. Taking the time to capture newborn photos of your precious new addition is a beautiful way to remember how tiny and adorable they were, documenting an irreplaceable moment in life.


  1. Professional Poses

Trying to get the best photos of your newborn with an iPhone just won’t cut it sometimes. Learning how to pose your newborn, balance the lighting, and create beautiful keepsakes can be challenging on top of all the new duties you have as new parents.


As a professional photographer in newborn pictures in Atlanta, I know all of the tricks to help create timeless, stunning photos of your newborn that you can treasure for a lifetime. I’m here with you every step of the way and will create the entire set for you beforehand. Whether we add bows and blankets or booties and baskets, we’ll find the perfect way to photograph your baby.

Newborn Pictures in Atlanta

  1. Great Way To Share Baby Announcements

One important part of the birth of your new bundle of joy is the baby announcement! Whether you plan to post on Facebook or send out a card to your loved ones, having lovely photos of your baby is a great way to share the news. Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the new little one in your life. Share them with friends and family, who may not be able to meet your newborn baby right away.


  1. Newborn Pictures Are A Wonderful Keepsake

One of my favorite things about newborn photography is that it’s such an incredible keepsake for parents. Having beautiful photos from when your newborn was so tiny is so special. It’s something you can look back on years later to remember what they were like in their early days of life and how small and sweet they were when you first got to hold them. We can even add in your own keepsakes for your newborns sessions!


 5. Newborn Photos Are Worth the Investment

Whether newborn photos are worth the investment is an easy answer for me. They’re more than just a photo of your newborn baby; they’re memories, keepsakes, and artistic works that you can cherish forever. It is an investment for many reasons.

I am a 10+ year experienced, awarded, and published photographer. Have spent years of training and investing in my business. I come with a lot of knowledge and safety to photograph your baby. I also provide all the props for every session that I provide my clients. It truly is more than just photos, it is an experience to have your baby’s photos taken by me.


Newborn pictures in atlanta
Newborn photography provides parents with gorgeous photographs to treasure their child’s first days of life. You’ll look back at these photos and be surprised by how much they grow each day. I’d love for you to learn more about my newborn pictures in Atlanta so we can make precious memories of your new little one! Don’t forget to check out some of my favorite vendors here, Favorite Etsy Shops.