sweet family posing close

Family Studio Pictures | Fun and Laid-back Session

If your family likes indoors more than outdoors or you are looking for a more timeless session then Family Studio Pictures might be the best type of photoshoot for you and yours!

sweet family posing close


You’re probably searching for family studio photography near me, and if you are I am definitely your go to photographer!

And you are probably also wondering How do you take family photos in a studio? I prepare my clients from start to finish on what to wear, how to prepare, what to bring for their kiddos so they are fully prepared to come in and have fun at their session! I always start with the younger kids in the family first, sometimes if they are toddlers or younger children we loose their attention quicker so we always get the most important shots first that you and I have discussed.

parents cuddled together for a photo


What should I wear for a family photoshoot at a studio?

Given that we don’t have to worry about weather with family studio pictures you have free reign to wear what you would like! Some families choose Formal , or casual. Either way it works perfect, it all depends on what would work best for you and your family. Casual is best for families who have younger children, they can have more fun running around and getting all those laughs in.

Mom standing proudly with her son

Speaking of laughs, this is one of my favorite family photo poses for 3 in studio for Dad’s and their boys! I think it’s just super fun, it’s mainly so they feel super cool and not silly doing it too! I try and come up with poses for all the ages in your family so they feel the best during their session!

Dad rough housing with his boys for a picture



I can’t wait to hear all about your family, what makes you laugh, what you enjoy and to plan YOUR session for your family! I book up months in advance so please fill out the form and let’s make some heirlooms for your family!