blue gown on pregnant mom

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Breman Maternity Photographer

I could not love this session more! Brittany was so beautiful, and said she had no worries about her session because she knew I’d show her exactly what to do and make her feel beautiful. That is exactly why I do these Maternity Sessions! I love to make my pregnant Moms feel great, in those last few weeks when we’re just so tired!

blue gown on pregnant mom

Breman Maternity Session with CJC Photography

We had such a great time and so much fun during her session. We also had a fun girls moment planning her sweet baby’s session while she was in the studio. My maternity moms who choose to also have me capture their newborns get to pick their baby’s props while in the studio for the maternity sessions. Hair and Makeup, as well as the gown is always provided for my clients as a complimentary feature of their experience during their Breman Maternity Session.

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Carrollton GA Maternity Photographer CJC Photography

One of my most fun things to do is plan a color scheme with my clients, for all sessions really. But first for maternity sessions we always talk about what colors mom feels best in, what colors she doesn’t like and plan a pleasing color scheme from there. I will also make sure if any family members are going to make an appearance in the session that they are matching as well. I will send a color guide and what to wear for Mom and help her every step of the way on planning for the whole family. This wonderful dress comes from Etsy-Embie Baby

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Villa Rica Maternity Photographer Custom Experience with CJC Photography