Best Newnan Newborn Photographer | Voted 3 Years in a row and over 10 Years Experience

There are so many photographers who could be deemed the Best Newnan Newborn photographer, and we all have different styles and different client experiences. But I wanted to let you know what I offer my clients, why I love doing this, and why my clients feel I am the Best Newnan Newborn Photographer.

“You’re not just a photographer. You’re a mom. You have a natural instinct to respond to our baby’s needs! You’re able to soothe and comfort the babies to get the best shots! You literally have thought of everything and are so well prepared for all of our sessions with you. Your patience is not to be forgotten either, especially when our chunky baby was not cooperating and needed to constantly eat!” – J. Haynie


There is a lot of preparation that goes into a newborn session, lots and lots. But it is one of my favorite things, planning a session and bringing it to life. I like to use the colors in a clients home, nursery, or the nursery theme to design their session. I want to make sure that when you use your artwork credit that is complimentary to your session that your images match your home. I like to know that your images help compliment your home and your family.

I know the hard work and tireless thoughts that go into a Moms thought process when designing their baby’s nursery. So I often ask clients to send me a photo of their nursery and from there my mind goes into design mode! Finding props and blankets to match and putting it altogether and then having my clients come into the session and not having to bring anything and just relax means everything to me.

“No one interacts like you do. No one takes time with the kids and you have patience that no one else has when it comes to photographing children and babies!” T. Summers

Some of my Favorite vendors are Birdie Baby Boutique, Newborn Studio Props, and OneSheepTwoSheep.

Motherly ways

I will admit being a Mom to 4 children has given me a lot of resources, ideas, PATIENCE, tips and tricks for handling all my little ones big and small that come into my studio. Newborn just want to sleep, they don’t want to be messed with when they’re tired. So their environment that they’re in when they are in my studio is relaxing, all the temperatures a baby should be, all the soft white noise and all the soft blankets and outfits for my little clients.

Being one of the best newborn newnan photographers I know that my  Moms that come to me are mostly coming from referrals or just finding me and I know they need to trust me. And I want them to, I know that I would want my photographer to help me plan my session. So that is exactly what I do for my moms. I let them know from start to finish what to expect, and that I have everything covered for them!

beautiful newborn posed in blue with best newnan newborn photographer

Best Newnan Newborn Photographer

Best Newnan Newborn Photographer-That’s a pretty hefty title to bear, I bear it proudly by all my clients. I work hard for my clients to feel that their baby is in the best hands. That means a lot to me, as a professional and a Mother myself. It means that they notice, recognize and feel all the time and love I put into my sessions. They walk away with having had fun, and as stress-free as possible, and that’s exactly what I want for everyone who enters my studio.

I would love to create a custom one of a kind session for you and your growing family, no matter what that session maybe. I hop you’re here because you’re looking for a newborn photographer, and I hope that you would give me the honor of photographing your baby.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in purple

7 day old newborn wrapped for newborn session

Go ahead and head on over to my website to find out more info and let’s get planning, can’t wait to meet you! Contact me here .