cake smash session with newnan childrens photographer

1 Year Cake Session and My Top 3 Tips for a great session!

1 Year Cake Session

cake smash session with newnan childrens photographer

Sweet girl smashing her first birthday cake

What is a

1 Year Cake Session like?

Cake smash is all the rage these days for parents, but what exactly is it? A cake smash photography session happens when your little one turns one year old (or any birthday really). I will pick out an adorable, yet simple cake, and let them have fun with it. They’ll smash the cake with their little hands, get it all over themselves, and most likely get it on both you and your photographer – no worries though, us photographers love it!

Babies are curious about everything and doing a cake smash photography session in Newnan GA is a great way to let your little one have fun with a tasty treat! Are you interested in doing a cake smash photoshoot with your little one and you want to make it perfect? Here are my top 3 tips for having an adorable cake smash photoshoot…


3 Tips for Adorable Cake Smash Photos

  1. Schedule your session after a nap

One of the best things you can do when working with me on a cake smash photoshoot is scheduled for after naptime. You don’t want to deal with a baby that’s tired or sleepy since the whole point of a cake smash is to allow your baby’s personality to shine through. Make sure they are well-rested, the closer your photoshoot is to right after nap time, the better your photos will be!


  1. Background matters!

The background and set up is just as important as the cake and your baby. The background determines the theme of your photos, and it makes the picture come to life. I always recommend a more simple background, whether it be some flowers or the natural white curtains behind your little one, we’ll plan the perfect design together to suit your little one and bring out their personality.

Cake Smash Cake Set Up

Toddler girl smashing her first birthday cake, see more from this session here

  1. Don’t feed them too much before

Cake smash  involves a lot of mess to clean up, and a lot of eating cake. Your baby should be a little hungry when we met up for your photo shoot so they will be more likely to eat during the session. If they are hungry and like the cake, you’ll get some very adorable photos during our session!

  1. The perfect Outfit

Let’s be real, cake smash sessions are a mess! Fun, but definitely a mess. I provide all outfits complimentary to your session. The perfect outfit to match can cost a pretty penny, it will be dirty and odds are you’ll never use it again so it becomes a waste of money to a lot of clients. I have a client closet and will pick out the perfect outfits to match your session. If you do have an outfit you’ve been dying for them to use that’s okay too! Just make sure you send me some photos of the outfit during our planning!


1 Year Cake Session

Are you ready to schedule your cake smash? I am here to help! Being a newborn and children’s photographer is one of my greatest accomplishment in life. And when my children were little, I couldn’t wait to do a cake smash photoshoot! I pride myself in all stress-free sessions for every single one of my clients. I provide everything for you, all you get to do is show up, have fun and watch your little one enjoy their first birthday session!

Let’s chat today about scheduling your 1 Year Cake Session


Sources used for reference, but all wording is my own.